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Two Quick and Easy Tint Removal Methods

Whether it's for legal or aesthetic reasons, sometimes the tint just has to come off. This may seem like a daunting task, but tints are just as easily removed as they are employed:

The Steamer Method

Steamer application is the more expensive of the two choices, but is undeniably the most efficient. One fabric steamer and a bottle of adhesive remover will be required to complete the removal. The steamer will first have to be filled with water; the tank will then take up to 1 minute to heat it up. It may be necessary to consult a manual for further instructions on steamer preparation. Once the water has been heated, gently spray the tinted areas in order to melt the glue beneath. It may be necessary to spray each individual area of the tint for a few seconds in order to ensure that the glue beneath has liquefied. The steaming process should be ceased when the tint has become evidently detached from the glue. Attempting to move the tint with your hand will dictate whether or not its ready for peeling.

The tint should now peel off the adhesive surface with ease, leaving a thin layer of glue on the window. Although regular soap and water is viable in this situation, bottled adhesive remover (which is used by mixing with water) is slightly more effective. Rinse the window until it is visibly clean of any glue or chemical agents.

The Razor Method

The razor method is both more time consuming and slightly less effective than the steamer method. t does however allow the use fewer tools (NB: It is recommended that this method only be used on small areas due to its susceptibility for residue). Using a razor, cut about a quarter of the total tint area from the window (don't pull it yet, just outline it), preferably less if enough time has been allotted. Following this, find an easily accessible corner and slowly peel it back to reveal the adhesive layer underneath. It is likely that some of the tint will rip and remain stuck to the window, but this can be easily dislodged with careful use of the razor. Once this area has been removed, wash the glue away with soap, and continue to remove the next section. Having an extra razor, or even a sharpener nearby will be required when operating on larger stretches of tint, as the glass will cause the blade to go blunt fairly quickly.

If you aren't looking to remove your tint, but rather looking to apply some, get in contact with a local company that does window tinting