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What Are the Advantages of Skylights?

Many people like the idea of getting more natural sunlight into their homes but do very little about it. That's because increasing the size of your home's windows takes a great deal of effort, especially when you have to cut into a supporting wall and add a new joist to prevent it from caving in. However, skylights are much easier to install and they will add even more light. Since they face upward, they are able to create much more of a light and airy feel in a room for the amount of glazing they provide. What other benefits of these products can you expect if you fit them in your home? Read on to find out more about skylights.

Improved Aeration

Many homes could be better ventilated and less stuffy. With a skylight that has a hinged opening, you can allow the breeze from outside to penetrate your home and enjoy more fresh air than would otherwise be the case. Some people worry about leaving windows open because they think someone will try to get in. However, since these are roof windows, there is little chance of that. As such, you can get more air flowing through your home, helping to keep mildew and other irritants at bay in the process.

Keep Your Air Conditioning Costs Down

Most skylights are fitted in bedrooms on the first storey. No matter where you are thinking about having them fitted, they will be overhead. Of course, because heat rises, the best place to allow it out of your home is through the ceiling. With skylights fitted in your roofline, you will be able to let excess out of your home quite easily. In turn, this will mean having to rely on your air conditioning units so much. Not only is this good for the environment since less energy is consumed, but you will notice the difference in your electricity bills, too.

Better Sleep Patterns

When there is more natural light available in a bedroom, many people report that they sleep better overall. Of course, you can shut out sunlight when needed with a simple blind. However, the circadian rhythms of life do seem to be more in sync with the sun's natural course in rooms with sufficient glazing. This means they are the ideal choice for rooms with no windows at all, such as converted lofts or garages, for example.

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