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How to Install Bifold Doors for Your Closet

As the name suggests, bifold doors fold, leaving enough room for added furnishing as well as foot traffic. The doors comprise two panels connected with hinges and aided by a track that enables them to move. The track is located at the bottom while the hardware that supports the bifold doors is located at the top. The following steps show how to install bifold doors for your closet without incurring the cost of hiring a professional.

Materials Needed

You will of course have already purchased your bifold doors. Get the extra tools you will need from your local hardware store. You will require a screwdriver, screws, hammer, a tape measure and a drill.

Install Both the Pivot Hardware and the Track

Using some of the screws you have, mount the track at the top of the closet opening and secure it. Then use a tape measure to get the position right beneath the top track on the floor where you're supposed to mount the pivot hardware and secure it to the floor. Ensure that both the track and the pivot hardware hold so that you can guarantee that the doors will be installed securely.

Mount Both the Pivot Hardware and the Track to the Doors

Having mounted the pivot hardware on the floor, ensure that you align the pivot hardware on the floor with the pivot hardware that you mount on the door using your hammer and screws. Next, fit the pivot hardware onto the top of the door and ensure that it is properly aligned with the track that you previously installed. This ensures that you install your doors evenly and therefore, you will not have problems folding and unfolding the doors.

Insert the Bifold Doors

The pivot points that are located at the bottom of each bifold door resemble a small screw that hasn't been hammered all the way in. Therefore, in order to mount each door properly, mount the pivot point at the bottom of one door onto the track at the bottom by ensuring that you put the pivot point into the socket of the bottom track. On the same door, align the pivot point at the top with the top track and insert it into the socket of the top track.

Having inserted the doors, the door brackets should be connected on to the inside of each door in order to aid proper closing.

Fasten the Handles

Use a drill to drill a hole into the doors for the handles after measuring and marking the spot for it. Insert the screw required to hold the door handle then attach the knob.