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Three Ideal Materials for Bi-Fold Door Frames

The bi-folding door design is ideal for installation as an interior door between different sections of the residential space. The style can also be selected for use in exterior areas, for example, as a patio door. The bi-fold door is favourable because the panels fold up and reduce the amount of space taken when the entrance is opened. In addition, this configuration is attractive since you can choose different types of glass designs to enhance the visual impact.

When choosing an ideal bi-fold for your home, it is important to consider practical aspects such as durability, security and stability. These critical properties will be affected and determined by the type of framing materials. In simple terms, the frames are responsible for supporting the panels in the doorway. If the material is weak, the door will be unstable, prone to failure and easy to pry open. Here are the main materials that you can select for your bi-fold doors.


Aluminium is strong and stable, so it is a perfect choice for both external and internal bi-fold doors. The metal is also resistant to rust and corrosion when exposed to moisture. This means that it can provide prolonged service in adverse conditions such as coastal and other humid environments. On the other hand, aluminium is a lightweight material that is malleable. Therefore, ask your bi-fold door supplier to recommend a structural grade aluminium frame. The appearance of aluminium doors is somewhat contemporary, but there are assorted powder coats finishes to suit diverse style preferences.


The timber material is ideal for use as a framing material in bi-fold doors because of its warm and authentic visual appeal. You can install it to complement your traditional or contemporary home. Wood is also durable after installation, and it can withstand mechanical forces without deformation. Regrettably, this material is prone to damage when exposed to moisture and extreme heat. Therefore, timber frames are not the best for indiscriminate external use. Poor quality timber will absorb water, leading to swelling, instability and eventual rotting of the door. You should select hardwood, engineered timber or treated wood for long-lasting frames for bi-fold doors.


Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride is suitable for home installation, particularly when you are working with limited financial resources. This plastic is inexpensive, but it is strong and durable. It is stronger than regular PVC and environmentally sustainable and will offer good energy performance. Unfortunately, this material is susceptible to expansion and contraction, so it is not suited for large door panels because the plastic might become warped.

For more information about your options for bi-fold doors, contact a local retailer or installation company.