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Why window tinting might be a great option for your bedrooms

Many families have issues with trying to get family members to sleep when the sun is still up. Whether you are trying to create a dark sleeping space to help you children sleep past the crack of dawn or helping shift workers to sleep during the day, home window tinting can be a great answer and has range of benefits.

Customisable tinting level

As you can combine window tinting with other block-out options such as blinds or curtains, you can opt to have a semi-blocked level of tinting which minimises the amount of light that sneaks around the edges of the curtains or blinds while allowing the room to be filled with a soft and diffused natural light when the blinds are open. This can be great for a child's bedroom where you might want sort light during most of the day but a darker setting for sleep times. This tinting can also help regulate the temperature of the room so it doesn't get as hot during the day, which also aids sleeping.


As the tint is adhesive it clings to the frame of the window and is less prone to tearing or other accidents than a loose window covering such as curtains. It can also help to make the window more durable as the cling can often keep a broken window glass together if you happen to have an accident in the home. This can be great to avoid getting shards of glass underfoot in a nursery for example.

Easy to clean

Curtains and blinds tend to be a pain to clean and require messy dunking in the bath or trips to a specialist cleaner. For people who are prone to allergies this can be an issues as they also naturally collect dust and animal fur in the periods between cleaning. Window tinting can be easily wiped down and is not as prone to collecting dust and mess.

Aesthetically pleasing

While the common DIY solution of aluminum foil over the windows can be effective in reflecting light, it doesn't tend to look aesthetically pleasing and may cause raise eyebrows and comments from the neighbours particularly if you are blocking out street facing windows. Home window tinting can achieve a similar finish with a much more pleasant aesthetic finish.

As you can see home window tinting can be an effective way to help your family sleep better, as well as being easy to maintain an attractive. Why not call a home tinting specialist for a quote today?