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Tips To Help You Solve The Problem Of Drafty Windows In Your Home

Drafty windows can be extremely uncomfortable and hard to withstand, especially in stormy climates or winter. Well, worry not because there are some quick fix strategies you can use to solve the problem of drafty windows and restore the comfort in your indoors. This article provides workable tips you can use to deal with drafty windows and stop that unwanted breeze.

Ensure the Glazing Putty is Intact

A cracked, worn-out or missing window putty is one reason you're windows are likely to allow draft leaks into your home. The window glazing putty is the hard substance applied on the windows' exterior and seals the glass to the wood along the edges of the glass. To prevent any air leaks along the glazing putty, make sure that the putty is in good shape, especially if your windows are old and the glazing has not been replaced in a long time.

If you notice that the glazing putty is worn-out, it's best that you replace it and apply a fresh layer of the putty. Remember that mending an old putty may only work in the short-run because the other parts left unrepaired may eventually wear out too. So you may want to replace the old putty on your windows entirely. It's also best that you hire a windows contractor professional, so that the glazing putty replacement can be done expertly.

Install Interior Draft Blocks

Installing interior draft blocks around your windows will block out any breeze passing through the leaks on your window. There are different types of interior draft blocks for windows that you can choose from, such as storm windows, acrylic panels and plastic shrink films.

Some interior draft blocks, may require you to hire a professional window contractor to do the installation because the installation process is a bit complex. Otherwise, for other draft blocks, such as the plastic shrink films, you can do the installation yourself. To install a plastic shrink film, spread out the film and cover the interior window frame. After that fasten the sides of the film with a double-sized tape and then blow the film with a blow drier so as to heat it and straighten out any wrinkles.

Seal Gaps Around the Windows

Gaps present between your window frame and the wall are also possible reasons your windows are drafty. So make sure that you inspect the area around the window frame for any gaps and seal them. It's also advisable that you inspect the areas around trim miter joints for gaps as you can also caulk any gaps along the joints.

To seal the gaps effectively, you can apply caulk and tamp in firmly. So first clean up the places to be sealed thoroughly and remove old caulk and paint. Remember that failing to remove the old paint and caulk may lessen the effectiveness of the new caulk you apply. After cleaning the area, apply fresh caulk in all the gaps you've identified.

You can easily fix the problem of drafty windows and block out air leaks getting into your indoors. The tips provided above can help you identify a solution for your drafty windows.