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2 steps you can take to prevent your home's windows from being broken

If a window in your home breaks, the process of replacing it can be expensive and laborious. Furthermore, if the breakage occurs when you are out of the house, the opening in the glass pane could allow rainwater to get into your home and damage it and could also provide an opportunistic burglar with easy access to your property.

As such, it is sensible to do everything you can to prevent your windows from being broken. Here are two ways to do this.

1. Buy roller shutters for your windows

One of the best ways to reduce the chance of your windows breaking is to fit residential roller shutters on them. Roller shutters are made from hard-wearing materials that will not break if they are hit with force. As such, when this type of shutter is rolled down over a window, it can act as a shield that protects the fragile glass pane behind it from damage.

This means that if, for example, some children who are playing football outside your house accidentally kick the ball towards one of your windows, the roller shutter will be struck instead of the glass pane. Due to how durable these types of shutters are, a ball is unlikely to damage them, even if it strikes the shutter very forcefully.

Similarly, if a group of vandals attempt to damage the exterior of your property by, for instance, throwing rocks at the windows, the roller shutter should prevent the rocks from shattering the panes.

Whilst fitting roller shutters on each of your home's windows may cost quite a bit, these items could save you a lot of money and emotional distress in the long run by keeping your windows intact and thus sparing you the expense of having to replace broken panes or deal with any subsequent water damage or burglaries that occur as a result of the breakage.

2. Remove any trees that are growing close to your windows

If you have trees growing just outside some of your home's windows and want to minimise the risk of your windows being broken, then it may be best to get rid of them. The reason for this is that a tree can collapse quite suddenly, with no warning, if it is exposed to extremely strong winds for a few hours or if it has been infected with a bacterial or fungal disease that has damaged the condition of its roots.

If this happens to a tree that is growing next to one of your home's windows, the tree could fall towards that window pane. Due to the fact that fully grown trees are extremely heavy, the impact of the tree hitting the pane would almost certainly cause the glass to shatter instantly. If you or another household member are inside your home and standing next to the window when this happens, you could not only be cut by the airborne glass shards but could also be hit by the branches of the tree.

As such, it is best to get rid of these trees before they do serious damage to your windows or injure you or your family members.