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Great Looking Ways of Improving Window Security

Windows and glazed doors are among the easiest entry points for professional criminals to target around homes and business premises. Of course, many people worry about burglaries in their neighbourhood and want to find ways to make their property more secure. As such, safeguarding your windows is a very good idea to get greater peace of mind—even if you don't actually suffer from much crime in your area. Simply installing bars over them looks terrible and can attract unwanted attention. What are the best approaches for beefing up window security that won't make your property look like a prison?

Exterior Shutters

When you fit exterior shutters on the outside of your home, you will get a great-looking addition to your property. Shutters are formidable from a security point of view because they make a physical barrier that protects the framework and glazing of your windows. What's more, you can secure exterior shutters from the inside of your home so you don't even need to head outside. A key security aspect of a pair of exterior shutters is that they also allow you to open your windows so you can get air flowing into your home or office without worrying about somebody potential crawling through to steal your belongings.

Multi-Point Locking Systems

When you buy conventional windows, they will come with a lock. However, many standard window locks are woefully inadequate when it comes to securing a property. What's more, they often have fairly flimsy keys that are easy to duplicate. Instead, opting for a multi-point locking mechanism will mean you have a unique key that anchors the window in its frame at the top and bottom as well as at the side. This makes the frame much harder to force open using a screwdriver or a crowbar to prise it away. Some locksmiths will be able to retrofit multi-point locks to your existing windows, but, in other cases, it will be better to purchase new fenestration units, which come supplied with them from the outset.

Window Screens

Modern window screens are much more attractive than they used to be. You can obtain ones that fit in perfectly well with exterior shutters and beefed up locks to really augment security. Although window screens used to be very plain and would not fit in very well with contemporary design ideas, these days you can obtain some which feature ornate and with pretty designs that make them look great in both homes and offices.