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The Advantages of Domestic Security Screens

In the past, the sort of security screens that were fitted over both doors and windows would make homes look like high-security centres. Although these devices did a good job of keeping intruders at bay, they tended to attract unwanted attention, too. In other words, they would make a home look as though there was something valuable inside. Today's security screen doors look much more attractive and subtle. They won't garner unwanted interest and they won't make your home look like a prison either. What other advantages do they offer?

Peace of Mind

Although the burglary rates in Australia are not bad – certainly when compared to other countries like New Zealand, Chile and Denmark – a spate of such crime in a particular neighbourhood can make homeowners worry. Understandably, therefore, they will often seek a solution that means they can enjoy a peaceful night's sleep once more. Both security screen doors and window screens offer exactly this sort of reassurance when you go to bed. Anyone who tries to get in will find doing so nigh on impossible.

Improved Privacy

For residences that are in the suburbs or city centres, being overlooked by neighbouring properties can be a big issue. Certainly, if you have a window or door that offers direct access onto the street, then the possibility of passers-by looking inside can be just as much a concern as a potential break-in. Therefore, the sort of mesh that security screen doors and windows are made from will come in handy. Not only do they prevent access but they also stop people from being able to see inside your home so freely.

Improve Aeration

Ventilation is important in homes, especially when householders have respiratory problems. If you keep your windows and doors permanently closed all the time, then microbes can build up inside. Equally, spores from mildew are likely to develop because wet rooms, bathrooms and kitchens do not get sufficient aeration. However, leaving your external door ajar to improve ventilation will be a risk unless you have a security screen door fitted. The same goes for windows screens, too, of course. You can even get into the habit of leaving a couple of windows open at night to improve aeration once you have had them installed. Overall, the airier your home feels the better you will enjoy living there, so fitting security screens is not all about crime prevention but improving to your lifestyle.