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Important Things to Note About Leadlight Doors and Leadlight Door Restoration

Leadlight doors and windows are mostly found in religious or artistic buildings. You might have seen those coloured windows that form different shapes, patterns or images; some of them are leadlight windows, while others are stained windows. Here's everything you need to know about leadlight windows and doors to understand them better and get the most out of them.

Leadlight Window Description

The main feature that distinguishes leadlight windows from other window designs is the presence of cames. These are metallic strips that separate or join pieces of coloured or colourless glass to form images, patterns or shapes. These metallic strips were initially made of lead because of how easy it is to work with. That is where the name leadlight came from; currently, you can come across metallic strips made from copper, zinc and brass.

Get the Terms Correctly

Just because a particular glass is stained or has a pattern, shape or image, it does not make it a leadlight window; the correct term is stained window. If you, however, see cames, then that is a stained leadlight window. The glass can also be clear or colourless and have cames; this is a clear leadlight window. If the cames are absent, it is a clear window panel.

Why Are Leadlight Windows Popular?

Leadlight windows are popular for two key reasons:

Ability to achieve multiple designs using glass

Cames make it possible to achieve multiple patterns and images using glass, which typical glass, whether stained or colourless, cannot achieve. This means that most people can now achieve their aesthetic needs easily, leading to an increase in demand for leadlight windows. 

Ability to prevent major window damage

Since cames join multiple pieces of glass together, breakage is reduced to only one or a few pieces of glass. If a rock is propelled towards the leadlight window, it would only break the piece of glass it hits and leave the other pieces intact. However, if the window used is not a leadlight window, and the same scenario occurs, the whole glass would shatter.

What Is a Leadlight Door or Window Restoration?

Over time, your leadlight door or window may start to wear, leading to loss of aesthetic value; you need leadlight restoration services. If the cames are made of lead, let a professional handle the restoration work, especially if grinding might be required. Inhaling or ingesting lead particles can be poisonous, so do not DIY leadlight restoration.