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Reasons to Install Double Glazed Doors in Your Home

While expansive glass doors open a house to the garden, they provide an easy surface for heat to move through. In summer, the sun's heat can infiltrate inside, and in winter, the warmth you've cultivated can escape. However, if you install double-glazed doors, you'll create a more substantial barrier to prevent this from happening and to keep your home's temperature more pleasant. Here are several reasons to upgrade to these doors.

Save on Energy Bills

Double glazed doors will help to reduce your energy bills. The sun hitting a single-pane glass door can not only make a room bright, but it can cause you to turn up the air conditioning to counteract all the incoming heat. Likewise, in winter, the warmth generated by your heater will flow through glass doors, so you'll have to turn up the heat to compensate. Once you fix the inefficiency with double glazing, you won't pay for so much wasted energy.

Constant Temperatures

You may have noticed that the temperature in your room is patchy near any standard glass doors and windows. For instance, the area directly in front of the glass will be hot and stuffy in summer, while the other side of the room may be overly cool. Turning up the air conditioning can't necessarily even out patchy room temperature. Similarly, you've probably noticed it's cold near the glass door in winter. Double glazing, though, will stop heat from moving in and out so freely. In this way, it's a better solution to more even temperatures than turning up heating or cooling.

Better Security

Even though double glazing is primarily designed to combat heat transfer, these doors also create a more substantial barrier for potential intruders. They'll have to get past two panes of glass rather than one. You could also insert laminated glass into the double glazed unit. Laminated panes are often held together with a resin interlayer even if they crack. They'll require even more force to penetrate through.

Quieter Home

A double glazed door also blocks out more noise than a single-pane one. So your home will be more peaceful. If you have noisy neighbours or live near a busy road, the dual glass pieces will help block the sound. Again, laminated glass inserted in the door can assist even further. Some laminated glass is manufactured specifically to muffle noise, so it's even more effective at keeping out the roar of traffic or the barking of dogs.

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