How to Clean Your Newly Tinted Windows

Are you relishing your newly tinted windows? They are attractive to look at with minimal shine, keeping you further comfortable and away from ultraviolet exposure. Of course, it is the desire of every car owner or homeowner to keep their glass tinting looking as new possible. In this regard, knowing the right way to clean your tinted windows is very important. Read on for more insight. Drying Time Note that the first few days following glass tinting, your windows will be cloudy, misty, and you will notice small droplets forming inside the tint. [Read More]

Benefits of Installing Skylights in Your Home

Have you ever considered installing skylights into your existing home or putting them in a new home you're building? There are several benefits to be had from having one or more of these throughout your home. Cost Savings The biggest and most obvious benefit of installing a skylight is the amount of money you'll save by having more natural light throughout your home. Natural light provides both warmth and ambiance. [Read More]

Tips for Choosing the Right Type of Skylight for Your Home

A skylight can add instant sunshine and brightness to any room of your home, and it's a good choice for darker rooms in which you don't have much natural light coming in through the windows. Skylights can also be opened and, in turn, provide ventilation for a home. When choosing skylights, your contractor can give you recommendations as to what would work for your home, but note a few basic to factors to consider before your discussion as well. [Read More]

Two Quick and Easy Tint Removal Methods

Whether it's for legal or aesthetic reasons, sometimes the tint just has to come off. This may seem like a daunting task, but tints are just as easily removed as they are employed: The Steamer Method Steamer application is the more expensive of the two choices, but is undeniably the most efficient. One fabric steamer and a bottle of adhesive remover will be required to complete the removal. The steamer will first have to be filled with water; the tank will then take up to 1 minute to heat it up. [Read More]